PPM Contracts

The best way to keep your air conditioning cost-effective and efficient is by correcting maintenance problems before they escalate. You can do this easily by getting a planned preventive maintenance (PPM) contract. It aims to prevent the failure or breakdown of your unit before it happens, allowing you to use your AC system without any interruptions.

Getting PPM Contracts for Air Conditioning Systems

With a planned preventive maintenance contract, you get the peace of mind that your air conditioning is completely taken care of. It will prolong your system’s lifespan by preventing the development of minor issues into major ones.

Regular visits from our team of experts will ensure that even the most minor issues are detected early. By having your AC system maintained, you’re less likely to experience downtime. Moreover, costs will be kept to a minimum.

The frequency of visits mainly depends on your unit type and frequency of usage. AC units that get used heavily will require more frequent checking and cleaning than ones used occasionally.

Although there are suggestions in the manufacturer’s manuals, it would be better to make the general usage frequency the basis for maintenance. Our professionals here at EPPH will ensure that your unit operates at its maximum efficiency every time.

What Happens During Maintenance Visits?

The processes involved in a visit will vary depending on your specific system, environment, and work to be done. To give you an idea, these are the general steps involved in a maintenance visit:

  • Asking the homeowner if any issues are being experienced
  • Cleaning airways, filters, and evaporator coils
  • Inspection of electrical wiring
  • Cleaning and testing condensate pumps
  • Detection of leaks
  • Checking refrigeration pressure and levels
  • Checking current and compressor amperage
  • Inspection of pipework and insulation
  • Sanitation of unit
  • Testing cooling and heating modes
  • Production of service report