Rental Systems  

EPPH can offer a range of Rental temperature control products including boilers, heaters, chillers, and air conditioners. We utilize the very latest in Gas/ Oil & Electric systems to insure you are maximizing efficiency without limiting performance.  

Why would you rent?  

There are many reasons why rentals may be the best option for you.  

  • Equipment Failure 
  • New Construction Projects / Temporary premises  
  • Planned Shutdowns 
  • Supplement Existing Equipment 
  • Special Events & Projects 
  • Financial Capital restraints / Upfront permanent installation costs  

How can we help? 

  • EPPH work closely with clients to tailor a bespoke hire package to suite all requirements.  
  • We offer free on-site 24/7 support & maintenance throughout the rental duration.  
  • Fuel management / Oil / Gas / Electric
  • Remote monitoring 
  • Fuel tanks / accessories 
  • Seamless integration into the workplace limiting interruption or downtime 
  • Fixed monthly cost  
  • Versatile installation