Air source heat pumps (ASHPs) make great options for those who seek eco-friendly and efficient heating and cooling systems. They work quietly, utilizing the heat naturally found in the air. Moreover, having an ASHP installed may qualify you for reduced electric rates and rebates, giving you more value for your money.

How Do Air Source Heat Pumps Work?

To help alleviate the bad effects of global warming, we need to reduce our carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. This is achievable by using energy more efficiently and resorting to cleaner generation methods.

Using an ASHP is one of the best ways to help the environment. This device extracts heat from the air, amplifies the heat using a compressor, and distributes the now hotter air via the heat exchanger.

Many cooling and heating systems require homeowners to have ductwork for them to work. Air source heat pumps deliver conditioned air into an area even without a network of ducts. This makes ASHP systems much more flexible, letting almost all properties experience the benefits they bring.

Benefits of Getting Air Source Heat Pumps

Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy after switching to an ASHP unit for your heating and cooling needs.

Reduced Energy Bills

Since you’ll be using the outside air to generate both hot and cold air, you can expect lower energy consumption. Furthermore, getting a coal-based or electric system will provide you with even more significant savings.

Lower Carbon Emissions

Air source heat pumps operate using a low-carbon process. Having one installed will greatly decrease the harmful carbon emissions, making it an appealing option for those who are concerned about the environment,

Easy Installation

Having a unit installed in your home can take as early as two days. An ASHP unit gets installed easier compared to other types of heat pumps since digging is not required. Although it usually doesn’t require planning permissions, it would be best to check first to avoid problems in the future.