Boiler Repair

Through excellent customer service and by building long-lasting relationships, we grew our company and range of services. Our boiler repair service is one of the first core services that we offered. It even played an important role in the excellent reputation we earned in the industry. We offer our services all over Southern England including London.

The technicians of EPPH are among the best in the industry and can take care of literally any boiler problem. From simple residential boilers to large industrial boiler installations, we have the skills, experience, and tools to repair it. More often than not our technicians have your boiler up and running faster, opposed to replacing your boiler as a whole with a new one. Besides, the expenses are considerably lower as well.

24 Hour Service

In industrial and commercial facilities boiler problems have to be fixed as fast as possible. Even in residential buildings, especially during winter, it is very convenient if your boiler will be repaired quickly. Our 24-hour service is swift and efficient and will take care of your problem promptly. The emergency engineers of EPPH are ready to react and solve your boiler troubles.

Why choose us?

The engineers of EPPH receive regular training to stay on top of their profession. Continous reinvesting in our employees and the company has earned us a lot of respect and a great reputation within the industry. Main contractors, government organizations, and hospital trusts expect services from the highest-quality, therefore they became part of our regular customers. We were able to deliver the kind of quality they were looking for. New customers are always welcome to contact us and we will gladly offer our services and build a strong business relationship with you.

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