Leak Repairs

Nobody wants to experience water leaks, they cause extensive damage which can cost you a significant amount of money. These leaks are usually caused by a boiler losing pressure or a burst pipe. Experiencing one threatens to hinder your everyday operations as well. Fortunately, we at EPPH provide services for your plumbing or heating needs, including leak repairs.

Water Leak Detection

Water leakages can exist for a long time without being detected. Sometimes, they occur without signs of damage and surface evidence, slowly damaging and eroding your home and its foundations. The damages that come with it can even reach your neighbor’s property.

You might get surprised after receiving a high water bill all of a sudden. When this happens, one of the possible causes is a water leak. This is why detecting leaks early is important, it helps you prevent unnecessary costs in the future.

Our strong and driven experts at EPPH can find these leaks and repair them for you. Through intensive reinvestment and training, we are considered one of the most reputable and respected companies in the industry, serving countless clients.

How Water Leaks Damage Your Home

If you don’t do something about water leakages, here are some possible damages that they cause.

Wall Damage

Many households have their plumbings set behind the walls. When the pipes leak or break, the water can infiltrate your walls. This can cause your housing structure to weaken or even collapse.

Floor Damage

Similar to walls, your flooring may get damaged by water leaks as well. Gravity causes water from the leaks to go under the floor, where it gets trapped. This causes cracks, mildew growth, and more.

Mold Issues

Mildew is known to thrive in moist conditions. Having water infiltrating your walls and floors can promote mold growth, which can jeopardize your health.

Give Our Team a Call Today

If you suspect that you are experiencing water leaks, you need to act quickly before they get out of hand. We at EPPH offer a wide range of plumbing and heating services both domestically and commercially across the south UK and inner London. Give our team a call today at 01473 559071 and we’ll try our best to help you. If you require leak repairs, we surely have a solution for you, even for out-of-hours emergencies.