Shower Repair


Bathroom is one of the most used facilities at home. We do our comfort and hygiene essentials in our bathroom. It is no wonder that it needs a regular maintenance. However, as time goes by it gets easily broken even with maintenance. Bathroom repairs tend to get messy and a lot of work.

About our company:

Our company provides a wide range of excellent plumbing and heating services. Our company from a local plumbing and heating services to an overall house solutions. We offer high quality services especially in bathroom repair. We can fix both your common and complicated bathroom problems.

Services that we provide:

Shower repair

The most common bathroom problem in almost all houses is broken shower. Broken shower can be annoying at times especially when you are in a rush going to work. Some of the most cases we can cover involve:

* LOW WATER PRESSURE – this common problem can be very infuriating when you need to take a bath very quick. This are sometimes caused by closed shut-off valve or leaks in some other pipes.

* NOISY SHOWER PUMPS – this problem may mean that the pump is blocked or jammed. On the other hand, some old pipes can be noisy because there are piping problems.

* BLOWN PRESSURE – slight leakages may mean that your blown pressure relief device may have been broken. Pressure relief device prevents tank explosion. However, if there are problems in the device, the shower wouldn’t be able to take the excessive pressure and will suddenly burst out.

* HOT WATER BURSTS – This is by far the most painful problem that is caused by the shower. When cold water is being used out on other parts of the house. Scalding hot water bursts out in your shower which may cause you skin burns. One way to avoid this from happening is to use high efficiency plumbing fixtures. This is to reduce the need of cold water in other uses.